Elder Marriages

Norman David Williams & Hannah Scott Elder, 1944

Norman David Williams married Hannah Scott Elder on 4 May 1944 at Claremont Parish Church, Londonderry, Co. Londonderry, Ireland. Norman is recorded as a full age bachelor on air service (Occupation: Draughtsman). His father, Evan William’s occupation is recorded as pilot. Hannah is recorded as full age spinister from Londonderry. Her father, Thomas Elder’s occupation is recorded as a mechanic.

Source: Personal Research

One reply on “Norman David Williams & Hannah Scott Elder, 1944”

A lady by the name of Judy emailed the following update on Norman David Williams.

“would norman david williams have been known as just david williams when he was stationed in londonderry. also was he anything to do with english anti aircraft unit . the reason i am asking is i found an identity bracelet in my deceased aunts belongings and it has this name and an american military badge on the front and londonderry,n.ireland on the reverse.


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