Newtowncunningham Presbyterian Church

Newtowncunningham Presbyterian Church

Newtowncunningham Presbyterian Church is located in Newtowncunningham, Co. Donegal on the Letterkenny side. The small structure has only a few graves close to the church building.

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Dear sir,
this is not really a comment, i’m looking for information
on the Presbyterian Church in Newtowncunningham, i’m aware
that the present church building was erected in 1881.
What i want to know is the location of the old building.
Was there a Presbyterian Church building in Newtowncunningham
in or around 1800-1850, and if so,what was its location.

Yours sincerly.

Neil McDaid.



I do not know the location of the old Presbyterian church at Newtowncunningham. Once I return from my holidays I will try to locate it.

Thanks for posting your question to



Google finds a pamplet listed:

Newtowncunningham Presbyterian Church,1830-1981
by Rev. S. Gordon Stevenson.
Published in 1981, Donegal Printing Co (Letterkenny)
Pagination: [2], 19, [10]p. :

Wikipedia entry:

…”Presbyterians witnessing the reformed faith in the area had sought to form a congregation from as early as 1792, and Newtowncunningham’s Presbyterian Church was finally formed in 1830. The Church building was built in one year by voluntary labour. Newtowncunningham Presbyterian Church was united with Crossroads from 1957 until 1974 and is now united with Ray. The Rev. Nigel D. Craig is the current minister and membership stands at about sixty-five families.”

–Nancy Elder Petersen
Host, ELDER DNA project


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