Elder Marriages

Thomas Elder & Sarah Jane Doherty, 1889

Thomas Elder married Sarah Jane Doherty on 20 Nov 1889 at the Waterside Roman Catholic Chapel, Co. Derry, Ireland. Thomas is recorded as a full age bachelor from Barnwell Place, Derry (Occupation: Painter). His father, William Elder’s occupation is recorded as labourer. Sarah Jane is recorded as a full age spinister from Barnwell Place, Derry. Her father, Henry Doherty’s occupation is recorded as a labourer.

Source: Personal Research

One reply on “Thomas Elder & Sarah Jane Doherty, 1889”

Thomas Elder & Sarah-Jane Doherty
They had one daughter called Sarah-Jane Born 13th nov 1891 9(my gran)But sadly after there daughter was born Sarah-Jane Docherty died.Thomas Elder married Mary Crossan came to Scotland had two sons
William & Paddy Elder. Thomas Elder died in Dumbartonshire Scotland on the 12th sept 1955 aged 88.


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