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Aghadowey Presbyterian Church



Aghadowey Presbyterian Church is located in Aghadowey, Co. Londonderry. Gilmour Barr Elder (-1892) is buried in the graveyard behind the church building.

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My family came from Aghadowey. We have an active reunion group that gets together on the first Sunday of August each year at a chuch that was modeled on Aghadowey Presbyterian church — Ozark Prairie Presbyterian Church, just outside of Mount, Vernon, Missouri (in Lawrence County), US. Our web site has more info on the families and some photos. Family names are Orr, Campbell, Adams, Shirley, Mitchell, Knox, Barr, Blawn, Seneker, and many, many more. These Aghadowey families stayed in close touch for many year. Your church photos are WONDERFUL, better than any we have.


Love this post and photos! I’m writing from Londonderry, New Hampshire USA, which was founded by Reverend James MacGregor. He left Aghadowey for the New World in 1718 with his flock, who went to Boston but ended up here in New Hampshire in 1719. The original grant of land was called Nutfield, but MacGregor renamed it Londonderry after his birthplace. I just read the Aghadowey Session books from the time period around the time where he left Aghadowey.


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