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Robert Elder & Inch Masonic Hall


Robert Elder (1836-1910) of Inch Island, Co. Donegal was a leading figure of the Burt Faith Defenders (L.O.L. 1927). The Inch Island Masonic Hall is just down the road from the Inch Presbyterian Church.

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Tira Brandon-Evans has been inspired to post INCH ELDER
photos and letters from her old webpages,
onto the new “freepages” (

INCH GEN discussion message:
From: “Tira”
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2006 13:59:18 -0800
Subject:[InchGen] New Elders of Inch Page Posted

Greetings and Salutations,

Just posted a bunch of files to my new rootsweb page at:

So far only four letters, with some pictures, and the pedigree pages.

Will be adding to this over the next few months and altering some of
the pedigree pages too.

Any and all comments are welcome. I am quite willing to change
anything that needs changing and add things that need adding.

Best Regards,
Tira Brandon-Evans


Hello i am from the Elder family, My mother was Wilhmena Kennedy Wilson nee Elder from Ballyness Dungiven her dad was Samuel Elder from Ballyness. She had 2 brothers Samuel, Norman and twin sisters Jean and Lil. Love to get a family tree of the Elder family have been to Inch Island today to see my grandfathers brothers headstone Robert and his existing dwelling house. Any information welcomed.


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