Michael McGilligan, 1858

Recently a lady from Newfoundland, Canada inquired about McGilligans living in Derrychrier near Dungiven, Co. Londonderry. A local search of the graveyards has provided numerous McGilligan names. Over the next few days I’ll upload all of the images related to the Derrychrier McGilligans.

Michael McGilligan turns up in the Griffiths Valuation of 1858. According to the records he was living in the townload of Derrychrier in the Banagher Parish of Co. Londonderry.

3 replies on “Michael McGilligan, 1858”

well isn’t this lovely….. exploring family heritage as I too am a derrychrier mcgilligan living in the family house…. talk about carrying a heritage lol


Michael, Thanks for commenting way back in 2018. Recently I’ve become aware of a McGilligan connection to West Hartlepool, County Durham, England. Is Michael McGilligan (1856-1927) a relative? He married Mary Ann O’Boyle and owned a pub in West Hartlepool?


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