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This is the McGilligan ancestral home at Lisbuoy near Aghadowey, Co. Londonderry. The family moved into the house around 1954. The home along with the field in front is owned by my Uncle James Reynolds McGilligan who currently lives in India. Hard to believe this modest home housed a McGilligan family of ten. The home was given to Eliza McGilligan by her brother John McGilligan I. Apparently she never lived in the home but at some point a Mr and Mrs Toy, labourers for John McGilligan I & II, occupied the home.

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Really nice photos. My grandfather (John McGilligan) told me (before I moved to England) that our family was originally from Londonderry before moving to Australia at the turn of the 1900s. I am wondering if this home is connected to my reality of the McGilligan family? Were there any ancestors that moved to Australia in your family history research? I would have sent this as an email, but the address wasn’t available.


My grandmother place of birth is Derrysherier (Spelling unsure)County Derry born in 1915. Her parents were Michael McGilligan and Elizabeth McCormack. The family left for Canada in 20’s or early 30’s. Would you be a part of my family history. Don’t know where to start really. Thanks for any info. Donna Marie


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