John Owens & Elizabeth Elder, 1811

John Owens married Elizabeth Elder in 1811 at the Parish Church in Ballymoney, Antrim, Ireland.

Source: Microfilm for Northern Ireland Marriages. I’ll track down a complete source.

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  1. LDS
    Spouse: JOHN OWENS
    21 MAR 1811 Ballymoney Parish, Antrim, Ireland
    Extracted marriage record for locality listed in the record. The source records are usually arranged chronologically by the marriage date.
    Source Information:
    Batch No.: Dates: Source Call No.: Type: Printout Call No.: Type:
    M700001 1805 – 1845 0908674 IT 2 Film 0883747 Film
    Sheet: 00

    Relative also has some early BALLYMONEY entries,
    by Craig ELDER (ELDER DNA kit #15134)
    # ID: I77236695
    # Name: John (III) ELDER
    # Given Name: John (III)
    # Surname: Elder
    # Sex: M
    # Birth: 1720 in Balleymoney, Antrim, Ireland
    # Death: in Balleymoney, Antrim, Ireland

    Father: John (II) ELDER b: 1690 in Antrim County, Ireland

    Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown
    1. ? ELDER
    2. John W (IV) ELDER b: 1752 in Balleymoney, Antrim, Ireland
    3. James ELDER b: 25 Dec 1757 in Antrim County, Ireland
    4. Thomas ELDER b: 1797 in Ballymoney, Antrim, Ireland

  3. ELDER query on NIR-ANTRIM -list
    From: jessie
    Subject: Re: Finvoy, Ballymoney – or elsewhere
    Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 10:14:51 -0600 wrote:
    >Whenever I’m looking for a place that could be a town, I use :
    >I sent a map from this site with Finvoy in the middle directly to >Jessie.
    > Cheers,
    > Tom

    Jessie writes:
    my ELDER family, according to lore, lived 2 miles from the little
    town, which i now conclude must have been Ballymoney, not Ballymena.
    if they were active in the Finvoy church, i conclude they probably
    lived between Ballymoney and Finvoy, which are only about 5 miles
    apart. hurrah! i can now point to a map and say where they were!

    now i’m off to search for info on their landlord, Lord Cavenaugh!
    thank you again!

    LDS: BALLYMONEY search:

    865. SUSANNA ELDER – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Female Christening: 29 JUN 1856 Ballymoney Parish, Antrim, Ireland
    866. ROBERT ELDER – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Christening: 31 MAY 1829 Ballymoney Parish, Antrim, Ireland
    867. NANCY RACHEL ELDAR OR ELDER – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Female Christening: 28 AUG 1857 Ballymoney Parish, Antrim, Ireland
    868. JANE ELDER – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Female Christening: 23 JAN 1831 Ballymoney Parish, Antrim, Ireland

  4. Searching same family as CRAIG ELDER:
    Email me at:
    “NOTE: this is information extracted from “Our Family History” by
    William E. Elder, a manuscript written (I think) in 1909….

    “At the very end, I include family information written down by my uncle, James Lanphere Elder, to show my connection to the Antrim County,
    Coshocton County and Monroe County lineage.

    ELDER Family in Antrim County, Ireland
    “The earliest record is of a John Elder (1) who emigrated from near Edinborough, Scotland in 1680 to Antrim County, Northern Ireland. He rented land from a Lord Cavenaugh two miles east of a small village named Bellamona. His descendents in Ireland would hold this lease for the next 150 years, until 1830.

    There is no mention of dates of birth, death or marriage or name of wife. But there is a son, John Elder (2), born ca. 1690.

    John (2) had two sons, John (3), born ca. 1720, and Henry, born ca. 1735. Henry is noted as the founder of the Henry Elder lineage of Monroe County, Iowa. Henry’s son Mathew was born ca. 1775. Mathew lived long and passed his last years living with his son Henry (grandson of previous Henry) in Monroe County, where he is buried.

    It was noted that most of “his” (Henry’s?) family went to Canada from Ireland and settled near Quebec. So I suppose it is possible that the older Henry from Ireland may have had more children than just Mathew.

    Getting back to John (3), he had four children, three sons and a daughter. They were:

    John (4), usually called “Jack,” born 1752, active in the Presbyterian church of Finvoy.

    James, born 1755, who became the preacher at the Finvoy church and stayed in that position for 60 years. James had two sons who emigrated to South Carolina in 1805. The author states nothing more is known of that line….”

    Finvoy Presbyterian Church Marriages, Bann Valley Genealogy
    4 Aug 1879, Eliza Torrens, Maddikeel, dau of John Torrens, Farmer, to Daniel Elder, farmer, Ballinagarvey, son of James Elder, Farmer.

    Short History of the Presbyterian Church
    in Ireland
    Prof. John M. Barkley
    M.A., Ph.D, D.D.,F. R. Hist.S.

    THE CHURCH (1800-19
    …. The moderators of the two Synods, the Rev. James Elder, of Finvoy, and the Rev. John Rodgers, of Glascar, headed the procession. Having reached the place of destination, accompanied by an immense multitude, these two venerable ministers then proceeded to the pulpit, and conducted devotional exercises….”

    Gospel Magazine, May 1966
    Page 200
    “About this time the congregation of Brigh near Coonstown in
    the Tyrone Presbytery was vacant through the sudden death of
    their minister Rev. Samuel Hamilton Elder, son of Rev. S. H. Elder
    of Ballyeaston and grandson of Rev. James Elder of Finvoy who
    in his day was known as the Gun of the Gospel. …”

    Gospel Magazine, 69 Fleet St, London, #1364 New Series, May 1966
    Page 200 (or 9)
    “About this time the congregation of Brigh near Coonstown in
    the Tyrone Presbytery was vacant through the sudden death of
    their minister Rev. Samuel Hamilton Elder, son of Rev. S. H. Elder
    of Ballyeaston and grandson of Rev. James Elder of Finvoy who
    in his day was known as the Gun of the Gospel. …”

  8. I am looking for Owens’ from County Antrim. Moved to Scotland by late 1850s then to the US by 1864. John Owens, Helen Owens, Peter Owens. Any hep appreciated.

  9. I am descended from Alexander Campbell who married Mary Owens. Mary was the daughter of John Owens and Elizabeth Elder. Mary was from Ballymoney and Alexander was born in Kilchrennan, Argyll. Alexander died in Helensburgh where he was teacher in the West Kirk. She and the surviving children ended up in New Zealand – any help? I am looking for more information on John Owens – born 1787 in Ballymoney. I can only find a Peggy Owens born 31 Dec 1809 in Ballymoney.

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