James Coyle & Lizzie Elder, 1904

James Coyle married Lizzie Elder on 12 Sep 1904 at the Long Tower Roman Catholic Chapel, Co. Derry, Ireland. James is recorded as a full age bachelor from Derry (Occupation: Labourer). His father, John Coyle’s occupation is recorded as poulterer. Lizzie is recorded as a full age spinister from Derry. Her father, William Elder’s occupation is recorded as a labourer.

Source: Personal Research

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  1. I beleive James coyle & Lizzie elder were my fathers parents who had 7 children in total two sons were born in ireland 1905 and 1907 im not sure where the other five were born have been trying to locate my fathers birth certificate, they moved to scotland at some point, my father and his brothers were orphaned when they were young two aunt’s in scotland looked after them they were related to my grandmother, my father was the fourth son born Joseph Coyle on the 14th Feb, 1914.

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