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  1. Will search more…

    Searching Google.com for “HMS TURBULENT” ship history:
    found webpage info:

    “The second HMS Turbulent was a Talisman Class Destroyer with a displacement of 1098 tons and a complement of 102 men. Armed with five 4.5-inch quick firing guns and four 21-inch torpedo tubes, she was designed to screen the Grand Fleet and launch torpedo attacks on the German High Seas Fleet.
    As part of the Grand Fleet she sailed to engage the High Seas Fleet off Jutland in May 1916. On the 31 May HMS Turbulent was sunk by a German Battle Cruiser resulting in the loss of 90 members of her ships company. As a result of this action Turbulent was awarded the battle honour “Jutland”. 1919 – 1936.

  2. I am trying to identify an unknown WW1 RN CWGC grave in Denmark. Possibly Robert Craig Elder. Do you know the date of Robert’s mother’s death? If kompatible with my document then we would have a correct identification.

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