Robert Elder, 1937


This gravestone is located at the Second Kilrea Presbyterian Church in Kilrea, Co. Londonderry.

Robert Elder died 15 May 1937. Two daughters are buried with him. Lilly Elder died 12 Nov 1941 and Margaret Elder died 21 Apr 1942. His wife Ellen is also buried with him and she died 23 Jan 1963. Some of the dates are hard to read from photographs. During my next visit to Kilrea, I’ll confirm the dates.

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  1. Have you seen this entry on WorldConnect database?
    by Paul Ihms

    Name: Robert ELDER
    Sex: M
    Birth: 21 Jun 1876 in Northern Ireland
    Death: 15 May 1937 in Northern Ireland 1
    Occupation: Grocer – Bridge Street, Kilrea, N Ireland 1
    Owned and lived above the grocers shop on Bridge Street, Kilrea, N
    Ireland. The shop is no longer standing – it was torn down to widen the
    After Roberts death in 1937, Ellen Jane (Eleanor) ran the shop until 1951
    then retired to Portstewart to live with her brother – she died there in
    Robert was the only son of Joseph Dickey Elder which stayed in N Ireland

    Father: Joseph Dickey ELDER b: 1838 in Ireland or Scotland?/Ireland
    Mother: Margaret Ann GRAY b: in Edinburgh

    Marriage 1 Ellen Jane CONNOR b: 12 Jan 1876 in Moneysharvin, Northern Ireland

    1. Samuel ELDER b: 1920 in Kilrea, Northern Ireland
    2. Andrew ELDER b: in Kilrea, Northern Ireland
    3. Margaret Ann ELDER b: 13 Nov 1900
    4. Ellen Jane ELDER b: 3 Sep 1902
    5. Mary M ELDER b: 12 Apr 1904
    6. Matilda ELDER b: 21 Mar 1907
    7. Joseph Dickey ELDER b: Private

    1. Author: Michelle Elder
    Title: Elder2.FTW

    Name: Joseph Dickey ELDER
    Sex: M
    Birth: 1838 in Ireland or Scotland?/Ireland
    Death: in Culmore, N Ireland 1
    Occupation: Carpenter 1
    Address: Culmore, N Ireland
    Named after the Reverand Joseph Dickey of the Rasharkin Church – first boy baptised in the 2nd Kilrea Church. Supposedly born in Scotland and moved to N Ireland later.

    Father: Nathaniel ELDER b: in Scotland?
    Marriage 1 Margaret Ann GRAY b: in Edinburgh

    1. Margaret Ann ELDER
    2. Matilda ELDER b: in Rasharkin, Northern Ireland
    3. Henry John ELDER b: 2 Jul 1866 in Rasharkin, Northern Ireland
    4. James Gray ELDER b: 21 Jul 1868 in Culmore, District of Ballymoney, County of Antrim, Northern Ireland/Ballymoney, Northern Ireland
    5. Robert ELDER b: 21 Jun 1876 in Northern Ireland

    1. Author: Michelle Elder
    Title: Elder2.FTW

    ID: I34305977
    Name: Nathaniel ELDER
    Sex: M
    irth: in Scotland?

    Father: Daniel ELDER
    Mother: Mary REED

    Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown
    1. Ellen Jane ELDER
    2. John ELDER
    3. Mary ELDER
    4. Nathaniel ELDER b: 11 Nov 1835 in Scotland?
    5. Joseph Dickey ELDER b: 1838 in Ireland or Scotland?/Ireland
    6. James ELDER
    # ID: I34305989
    # Name: Daniel ELDER
    # Sex: M
    # Occupation: Shipbuilder

    Father: David ELDER b: in Kinross

    Marriage 1 Mary REED

    1. Nathaniel ELDER b: in Scotland?

    # ID: I34304892
    # Name: James ELDER
    # Sex: M
    # Birth: 6 Mar 1916
    # Death: 1 Aug 1991
    # Birth: 6 Mar 1916 in Milwaukee, USA 1
    # Death: 8 Jan 1991 in USA 1
    # Occupation: Design Engineer on mining equipment and water purification equipment.
    # Religion: Converted to Roman Catholic while in the Navy.
    # MEDI:
    # Note:

    Custom Field: Almost seven years old when his mother died.
    Custom Field: Father passed away while he was in the Navy. during World War II
    Custom Field: Elder is a sept of the Highland Clan Mackintosh.
    Was in the United States Navy from 1940-1945 during World War II. He was
    stationed on the U.S.S. Delta, a ship that was commissioned in 1941 and
    scraped in 1983. He was In the Korea War for 18 months.
    He retire from working around1981.
    He believed that his Great Great Great Grandfather ran the Elder Ship
    Building Company in Scotland.
    James was quite involved with his Scottish heritage. He was the
    Secretary, Vice President and President for the North American Clan of
    Served in the US Navy during World War 2 and the Korean war.
    James was scheduled to have a prostate operation on July 9th and had to
    go every Monday for 4 weeks prior to this to give a pint of blood for use
    during his operation as there was an ‘aids’ scare with the regular blood
    supply. On 1 August (after the op) James was resting at home, he went to
    get out of his chair and collapsed and died from a heart attack.

    Father: James Gray ELDER b: 21 Jul 1868 in Culmore, District of Ballymoney, County of Antrim, Northern Ireland/Ballymoney, Northern Ireland
    Mother: Alma Audrey BRIGHT b: 2 Jun 1885

    Marriage 1 Emma FLUG b: Private

    1. John Edward ELDER b: 15 Jun 1947
    2. Living ELDER
    3. Living ELDER
    4. Joseph ELDER b: 2 Aug 1955
    5. Living ELDER
    6. Living ELDER

  2. I have previously searched online
    for any list of children for JOHN ELDER of GLASGOW,
    but haven’t found any yet.
    Did find mention of his brothers: DAVID AND ALEXANDER

    RE: John’s father: DAVID ELDER
    “David Elder was born in Little Seggie, near Kinross in 1785. From his earliest years, he evinced a genius for mathematical studies,
    and continued to master, without assistance, Simson’s Euclid and a separate work on Algebra,
    translated from the French, which he walked 18 miles to procure.”

    Biographical info about JOHN ELDER and DAVID ELDER:

    Borrowed a book about JOHN ELDER’s wife ISABELLA–no mention of
    any children, but mentions JOHN’s brothers DAVID and ALEXANDER.

    “The Lady of Claremont House; Isabella Elder,
    Pioneer and philanthropist,”
    by C. Joan McAlpine, Argyll Publishing, 1997.
    Glendaruel, Argyll, Scotland
    Interlibrary loan from University of Georgia Library.

    Page 11:
    C. Joan McAlpine says:
    “I first became aware of Isabella Elder when I was asked to be a trustee of the Ure Elder Fund for Indigent Widow Ladies.

    RE: John Elder, b 8th MArch 1824
    d. 17 Sept. 1869
    married 1857 Isabella Ure

    page 190 note:
    “Info from Miss Marion Peat, Stirling,
    a descendant of the family on the Elder side.”

    index Page 204
    Alexander Elder, pages 25, 178, 196 (note5) 197 (note 18)
    Page 178:
    Isabella’s will:
    “She continued annuities to her sister-in-law, the widow of David Elder, her
    husband’s older brother and she ensured that Alexander Elder, her husband’s younger brother who was in receipt of an annuity given to him by John Elder’s will, had this continued.
    Alexander was wealthy in his own right and had formed the firm of Elder, Dempster & co trading to West Africa. He lived in Southport. He founded the Alexander Elder Chair of Naval Architecture at Liverpool University in 1909. He died in 1915 and left 100,000 pounds for a hospital to be built near the Elder Park to be known as the David Elder Infirmary.
    now David Elder Wing of the Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in the
    Southern General Hospital, opened in March 1987.
    Page 198
    Note 18:
    Mr. Alexander Elder’s will from Journal of Commerce March 26, 1915.
    He also left 50,000 pounds for a new wing for the Western Infirmary to be named the Alexander Elder wing.
    Also Alexander Memorial Chapel, opened in 1915.
    “Alexander Elder had no family and his wife was very frail when he died.

    David Elder Junior, page 19, 21, 64, 185 (note 29)
    David Elder Jun. appears in the Post Office Directory of 1857 as being in business for himself as D Elder & Co at 11 Rutherglen Road Glasgow.
    died aged 51 years in 1872.

    note 33. Antenuptial Contract of Marriage between John Elder and Isabella Ure
    dated 30th March 1857 in archives of McGrigor Donald, Solicitors, 70 Wellington St, Glasgow
    Page 21:
    Marriage ceremony took place in her mother’s home on the 31st March 1857, conducted by the Rev Macleod. Event was recorded in the North British Daily Mail.
    She was 29 and John was 33.

    Page 64:
    The second death was that of her brother-in-law, David, on August 11th at the age of
    51 years. His death is commemorated on the Elder Tombstone in the Glasgow Necropolis.
    He left a widow but no children…
    (Elder stone near John Knox)…

  3. My Ballymoney webpage has 2 entries for Nathaniel ELDER

    Using the Family database:

    Ballymoney First Valuation
    Firstname : Nathaniel
    Surname : Elder
    Parish : Rasharkin
    Townland : Gortereghy
    PRONI reference: VAL/1B/162

    Ballymoney Tithe Valuation
    Firstname : Natl.
    Surname : Elder
    Year : 1834
    Parish : Rasharkin
    County : Antrim
    Townland : Gortereigh

    –Nancy Elder Petersen
    Host, ELDER DNA project

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