Thomas Elder, 1896

Thomas Elder Shoemaker Advert, 1896

Thomas Elder, my great great grandfather, opened for business as a shoemaker in 1896 according to the 1896 Derry Almanac and Directory. In 1896 the Derry Almanac and Directory cost only one shilling. Variations of the advert shown appeared for several years following 1896.

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  1. Thomas Elder is my great grandfather, His daughter Sarah Elder married my grandfather Samuel Warke 30th January 1900 . They had 10 children my father Robert Kerr Warke is the last surviving son born 21/10/1922.
    Dad has confirmed his grandfather was a shoe maker. Have been trying to search the Warke/Elder family tree.
    I now live in Bournemouth, but was born in Belfast.
    May have a little more info if you like.
    Hope this is helpful.


  2. This is my great grandfather his daughter Sarah Elder married my grandfather Samuel Warke. They had 10 children. My father Robert Kerr Warke is the last one living, he is almost 86.
    I obtained a copy of the marriage certificate of Samuel and Sarah which gave his name. My father also confirmed these details.

  3. @Heather (Warke) Betreen
    Hi Heather,

    My husband Harvey Elder is also a descendant of Thomas Elder of Limavady, boot & shoe maker. His father, Samuel Elder 1890-1946, was Sarah’s youngest brother who emigrated to B.C. in 1911 following brothers Johnny and Freddy and sister Ruby (Morrow). I have been looking for a Warke descendant for some time! I understand some of the Warkes emigrated to Canada but haven’t been able to make contact. Please get in touch. Marian

  4. Hi Marion

    Dad’s brother emigrated to Canada in the 1960’s to Edmonton I think. He was a minister. Lewis and Greta warke. (Both now deceased) They had 5 children, Gibson,Trevor,Brenda,Alberta and Lewis. My cousins still live in Canada although I know one has sadly passed away. Unfortunately I am not in contact with them but one of the sons did send dad a musical CD they had made. I also know that it was a small inheritance that enabled my parents to come to Bournemouth on holiday where I met my now husband 1972. So I have a lot to thank the Elders for. Hope this is useful.
    Good luck with your search, I know just how time consuming it can be.
    Regards Heather

  5. The Warke family immigrated to Canada in 1948 landing on Pier 21 in Halifax. They then went to Inverness Quebec, then to Manitoba ,then to Alberta. They actually had 6 children. 4 came over from Ireland with them (Gibson, Lewis, Alberta, Brenda) and 2 were born in Canada Ronald and Trevor. Joseph Lewis Warke and Greta (Mayretta was her full name) were in the ministry. He came as a Presbyterian missionary and then became a Baptist minister. I am a Grandaughter of Joseph and Greta Warke and the daughter of their daughter Brenda. My daughter came across this today and so I thought I would correct and just send this out there in case anyone reads it. I am in Ontario right now, and my mother Brenda lives in Victoria.

  6. Hi,
    My husbands grandmother was Annie Elder married to Thomas Rodgers, her father was John Elder and her mother was Anna Rodden from Limavady.
    Would be interested to hear if this is same family.


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