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  1. Looks like relatives in
    same family:

    LDS FamilySearch.org
    James Elder
    Wife Mary Barr
    1. John Elder
    Birth: 15 JUN 1866 Killykergan,Aughadowey,Garvagh, Coleraine, Londonderry, Ireland

    2. Gilmore Elder
    Birth: 24 FEB 1872 Killykergan,Aghadowey, Coleraine, Londonderry, Ireland
    3. Archey Elder

    Birth: 28 SEP 1874 Killykergan,Aghadowey, Coleraine, Londonderry, Ireland

    4. William Elder Pedigree
    Birth: 25 OCT 1876 Killykergan,Aughadowey,Garvagh, Coleraine, Londonderry, Ireland

  2. More relatives in a list of Aghadowey Presbyterian Church Graveyard Records:
    BANN VALLEY Genealogy
    119 Elder-Gilmour-Barr
    Erected by John Elder
    In memory of
    his brother, Gilmour Barr Elder, who died 22 February 1892, aged 21 years
    1 Gilmour-Woods-Wilson
    John Gilmour, Collins, died 7 December 1942, aged 87 years
    also his wife, Margaret Ellen Woods, died 28 August 1946, aged 81 years
    Aileen Wilson, dearly beloved wife of Robert B. Gilmour, died 1 October 1877, aged 63 years
    Robert Bryce Gilmore, died 4 September 1985, aged 81 years
    also their son, John Thomas Gilmore, died 7 October 1997, aged 58 years

    10 Gilmour
    Erected by George Gilmour to the memory of
    his daughter, Jane, who departed this life 8 January 1866, aged 5 years
    George Gilmore, (date not visible) November 1862, age (not visible)

    35 Gilmore-Knox
    John Knox Gilmore, died at his home, Fairlea, Cullycapple, 2 December 1963
    also his wife, Jane Emmaline Gilmore, J.P., died 21 September 1972
    Robert Gilmore, died 1 November 1980

    36 Gilmore
    In loving memory of
    Samuel, died 10 February 1963

    94 Roxborough-Stewart
    In loving memory of
    Archibald, died 29 December 1983, aged 70 years
    also his grandson, John Stewart, died 22 March 1987, aged 17 years
    and our mother, Margaret Elizabeth,
    wife of the above Archibald, died 29 May 1991, aged 79 years
    95 Barr
    Susan Barr of Agivey
    No other information

    97 McNeill-Gilmour-Clarke-Torrens
    Erected by Archibald McNeill, Culcrow, in loving memory of
    his wife, Mary, who died 15 December 1911, aged 78 years
    also his grandson, John Gilmour McNeill,
    who died 6 November 1913, aged 10 months
    the said Archibald McNeill, died 7 August 1915, aged 84 years
    Margaret Clarke McNeill, died 5 August 1939, aged 56 years
    John Torrens McNeill, died 9 July 1958, aged 81 years
    and others

  3. Aghadowey Presbyterian Church Records – Marriages – search ELDER
    Bann Valley Genealogy:

    Groom: McILROY Richard
    married: 16/09/1856
    f-b-b = full age, 21+,- bachelor- OCC: bleacher
    Father George – l = laborer)
    Bride: ELDER
    Ellin f-s-na = full age, 21 + – spinster – occupation not avail.
    father: James na
    Witnesses: William Heany, Wm Stuart
    Book -Page: P63 #125

  4. Hi I am researching family tree and found your site.
    Would you know anything more about Mary Barr. I am trying to establish if there is a connection to an Archibald Barr who may have married a Nancy ?
    Apparently he may have been buried at Killykergan Aghadowey around 1884.
    Possibly had a son called John who married a Catherine Brittain?

    Thank you

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